Netflix summary: New friends, old treasures and eerie adventures await as Oskar and the team test their supernatural skills and defend the castle from devious attacks.

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# Photo Episode
1 201 "Vampires on Ice" "Eisige Zeiten"
Polidori falls in love with a mysterious ice skater, not realizing she's the enemy.
2 202 "Wunderkind" "Das Wunderkind!"
Stoker tries to impersonate a young doctor at the hospital.
3 203 "Leadership" "Der kleine Diktator"
Stoker leads the vampires in a homework rebellion, but power soon goes to his head.
4 204 "Trick or Treat" "Süßes oder Saures"
Oskar suspect Sunshine's new babysitter is up to no good.
5 205 "Ashley in Love" "Frühlingsgefühle"
As spring arrives at the castle, Ashley tries to find a soul mate.
6 206 "Vampirates" "Vampir-Piraten"
Stoker and Leechy lay claim to an old pirate treasure, only to learn it's cursed.
7 207 "It Comes from Beneath" "Das Seemonster"
The kids discover a secret passage that leads to a strange creature.
8 208 "Walpurg the Wicked" "Gemeingefährlich"
When a notorious villain returns to the village, Oskar races to protect Sunshine.
9 209 "Lenny's Blues" "Falsche Clowns und echte Liebe"
The vampires try to cheer up Lenny with a clown.
10 210 "All Work no Play" "Der alte Postbote"
Oskar discovers vampire postal work is more exciting than he thought.
11 211 "Home Alone" "Vampire allein Zuhause"
Leechy's attempt at cooking has scary side effects.
12 212 "Bite Me!" "Bitte beiß mich!"
On his "bite-day", Lenny tells the kids how he became a vampire.
13 213 "Missy Makes a Move" "Ein ungleiches Paar"
When a lonely Missy won't let go of Lenny, Oskar tries to help.
14 214 "Open All Night" "Durchgehend geöffnet"
The kids sneak out to test their vampire skills on a human and end up in a bind. Klot to the rescue!
15 215 "School for Suckers" "Da pfeif ich drauf"
A rebellious young vampire lures Stoker into a life of crime.
16 216 "The Code of the Vampires" "Ehrensache"
A visit from a pair of demanding guests tests the vampires' patience.
17 217 "Father's Day" "Vatertag"
A fib puts Klot in a tricky position when his father comes to visit.
18 218 "Mirror Mirror" "Gruftines Albtraum"
A spoonful of the wrong medicine turns Gothetta's exam into a nightmare.
19 219 "Coffin" "Der Minnebeißer"
Oskar discovers he's not the first vampire to fall in love with a mortal.
20 220 "Troll Ahead" "Der einsame Troll"
Gothetta's friendship with a lonely troll leads to trouble at school.
21 221 "Klot Crumples and Skulldrudgery" "Blutklöße und andere Gemeinheiten"
While the teachers are away, a stranger infiltrates the castle.
22 222 "Gone with the Wind" "Vom Wind verweht"
A strong wind carries Ashley away just before an important visit from his uncle
23 223 "Fear and Trembling" "Furcht und Zittern"
A visiting psychologist vows to cure Oskar's fear of blood.
24 224 "The Cat's Meow" "Katzenjammer"
Taking care of Sunshine's cats at the castle proves trickier than Oskar expected.
25 225 "Sunshine and Moonbeam" "Mondschein"
Oskar accidentally turns Sunshine into a bloodthirsty rebel.
26 226 "Campfire" "Lagerfeuer"
A crash course in wilderness survival forces Oskar and Stoker to work together.
Season Two
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