Ravena Oxblood is the niece of Professor Oxblood. She briefly transfers to the school of vampires for the episode, "Dr. Leechy and Mr. Cool".

Personality Edit

Ravena is a very sweet vampire, she is kind and gentle. She also has a great interest in science and inventions. Ravena dresses fairly old fashioned with an aqua gown and matching hat.

Relationships Edit

Leechy von Lebanlos Edit

In the episode Dr. Leechy and Mr. Cool, Professor Oxblood's niece comes for visit to the vampire school and Leechy takes an instant liking towards her. Stoker Flestcher convinces Leechy to change his appearance and personality to win Ravena over, but ultimately only causes him trouble for him and Ravena. Ravena takes a liking to Leechy as well but when he is himself. The two have a lot in common, and develop an innocent romance.

Trivia Edit

  • Unlike the rest of the vampires, Ravena's bat form is more blue.
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