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Princess Nerfativi is descended from the princesses of Egypt.

Personality Edit

Princess Nerfativi (nickname, Nifi) is a vampire princess from Egypt. She is very spoiled, obnoxious, loathsome and very persuasive. Nifi is a very pretty vampire, and charms all the boys in the school; she makes them do things for her and listen to all her "amazing" stories. She particularly doesn't get along with Gothetta Gothetticus, as Gothetta sees Nifi for what she really is and she takes away Oskar von Horrificus from her. But eventually all the other students see her as a spoiled righteous girl too. Nifi likes to cause trouble between ties of friendships, as she has admitted to doing this in other schools as well.

Relationships Edit

Oskar von Horrificus Edit


Princess Nerfativi is immediately intrigued with Oskar considering that he is the nephew of Count Alarich von Horrificus. Oskar tends to have taken an interest in her too, as he brags to her about his relationship with the count and goes far as to saying that they are close and friends. Oskar also tries to hide the fact that he is scared of blood from Nifi.

Stoker Flestcher Edit


Princess Nerfativi doesn't particularly like Stoker like she does Oskar, but she likes to use Stoker to carry her things or bring items to her. Stoker tries very hard to impress her, even though what he says is quite disgusting; for example Stoker tries to tell Nifi a story of how he had brownies gushing from his eyes.

Klot Tratzum Edit


Klot admires Princess Nerfativi and follows her around like a small puppy. He likes to tell her silly things, such as his bruises and facts about his friends. Klot thinks that Nifi has pretty eyes. Nifi doesn't get annoyed by him, as she finds him adorable.

Trivia Edit

  • She resembles Cleopatra.
  • Her name is a play on of the Egyptian Queen Nefertiti.
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