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Paulus Polidori is an obsessed and crazy Vampire slayer, and often causes great mischief and trouble for the vampires; he'll do anything to prove to the town that vampires exist. He is the grandfather of Sunshine Polidori and has a brother, Byron Polidori

Personality Edit

Palulus is often described as a crazy lunatic among the town because nobody believes that vampires exist, not even his granddaughter does. Despite all this, he is always conjuring up new inventions and technology to capture the students of the vampire school. He is fully aware of the relationship between Sunshine and Oskar von Horrificus, and at first he believed that Oskar was a vampire but Oskar proved him otherwise, even though he actually is a vampire.

According to Paulus, the Polidori's have a long history of being Vampire Slayers.

Relationships Edit

Lady Kryptina Edit


In the episode, Vampires on Ice; Paulus falls in love with a mysterious ice skater, unaware that it is Lady Kryptina; a vampire and professor at the school for vampires. He flirts with her, brings her flowers and skates with her. Paulus declares that he is fully in love with Lady Kryptina and goes through massive lengths to prove to her how strong his love for her is. At the end of the episode he loses interest in Lady Kryptina after she defends the school and her students.

Trivia Edit

  • Lives right next to the school for vampires.
  • Loves Garlic.
  • Is often thought of as a "crackpot"
  • Mostly referred to his last name.
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