Leechy von Lebanlos is the smartest and nerdiest of the bunch, and is seen as a child prodigy. Leechy is usually seen inventing and creating new inventions for his friends, but often times they don't work.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Leechy is shown as stereotypical nerd by his behavior and appearance. Leechy is a very bright student and is constantly praised by his professors when he is doing his work. Leechy likes to conduct experiments throughout class time and usually excels at his first attempt in a lesson, such as hypnotism and controlling his shadow. Leechy wears a sort of eye wear, that covers his left eye, but they zoom in and out such as a camera lens would; they calculate the distance and help him see closely when he is working on his inventions. Of all the vampires in the school, Leechy tends to follow Oskar von Horrificus and is quite close with him; he is always there for him whenever Oskar needs help. Leechy is not athletic, but is always sharp and quick to help his friends whenever they are in trouble.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Ravena Oxblood[edit | edit source]


In the episode Dr. Leechy and Mr. Cool, Professor Oxblood's niece comes for visit to the vampire school and Leechy takes an instant liking towards her. Stoker Flestcher convinces Leechy to change his appearance and personality to win Ravena over, but ultimately only causes him trouble for him and Ravena. Ravena takes a liking to Leechy as well but when he is himself. The two have a lot in common, and develop an innocent romance.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Of all the vampires, Leechy has the sharpest teeth.
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