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Lady Kryptina is a professor at the school for vampires, but mostly known to teach P.E. to the students.

Personality Edit

Lady Kryptina is a very confident and independent female vampire, she is strong and athletic. She teaches the students survival skills, vampire games and takes them on long flying trips to build up their wing muscles. As athletic as she is, she also very smart and can out wit enemies, such as Paulus Polidori. She also can be very witty and sarcastic, and loves to poke at her fellow co workers: Count Alarich von Horrificus and Professor Oxblood. Lady Kryptina is very elegant and dresses in the latest vampire fashions, Gothetta Gothetticus has claimed that she is her beauty inspiration.

Relationships Edit

Paulus Polidori Edit

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In the episode, Vampires on Ice; Paulus falls in love with a mysterious ice skater, unaware that it is Lady Kryptina; a vampire and professor at the school for vampires. He flirts with her, brings her flowers and skates with her. Paulus declares that he is fully in love with Lady Kryptina and goes through massive lengths to prove to her how strong his love for her is. At the end of the episode he loses interest in Lady Kryptina after she defends the school and her students.

Professor Oxblood Edit


In the episode A Vampires Kiss; Gothetta Gothetticus creates a love potion and puts it in Oskar von Horrificus's box of cookies. In the end of the episode, Leechy von Lebanlos claims that Professor Oxford and Lady Kryptina confiscated the cookies and suddenly fell in love. They then walk off, linking arms to have a picnic in the dungeon.

Trivia Edit

  • Underneath her hat, Lady Kryptina has long reddish-brown hair.
  • Lady Kryptina's costume is quite similar to the white dress and hat worn by Lucy Westenra after she is turned into a vampire in the 1992 movie Bram Stoker's Dracula.
  • Her name is a pun of the word "Crypt"


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