Klaus is a blond man who has a short stature and speaks highly of his wife as well as his son, Klot. His musical talent has been rumored to be excessively powerful. It is able to cause grievous bodily harm to humans or vampires alike it was not discussed as to whom it hurt just that it was strong enough to make body parts fall off or cause death.

The English translation calls him Pumpkinfiend on several occasions and either this is a voice over mistake or it's a childhood nickname that he was given to by Count Alarich.

His only appearance is during the second season where Klot exhibits a musical talent which was a ploy in order to not fail his class and to make his father proud of him. Even though Klaus knew that his son was most likely lying to him, as all Tratzum's are late bloomers when it comes to their musical talents, he chose to not divulge this information until near the end of the episode where Klot revealed the truth about his lying about his talents.

It was then he revealed to Klot that he was still proud of his son's accomplishments and how loyal his friends were to him. He reminded him that true vampire friends last for an eternity and he was rather pleased in his son's choice of friends.

Before leaving he mentioned to them that the next time he met them, he would play a note that he recently learned that made people's arms fall off, although no one applauded this performance of his the last time it was played.

both him and Count Alarich were school boy chums and have a special handshake they do when they meet up again after such a long time of being apart, it's unknown how well they know each other or their current relationship,

It is however known they both had the same teacher one of whom was Professor Oxblood. They were well known to have pulled some pranks on their Professors during their school years. It also seems that not much has changed for Klaus appearance wise from his youth until his age as he is now, this includes his style of clothing and hair as well.


Trivia Edit

  • Klaus is the nice parent according to Klot, he tells his friends that his mother is far worse than his father and much scarier to deal with.
  • He mildly resembles Beethoven.
  • He gained the nickname Pumpkinfiend or it's mistranslated from German to English during the production.
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