The following is a list of all episodes from School for Vampires.

Season One[edit | edit source]

# Photo Episode
1 101.png "Dr. Ironfang" "Doktor Eisenzahn"
When an inspector arrives to test the vampires' skills, it's up to Oskar to save the school's reputation.
2 102.png "Give Blood, Save Lives" "Blut auf Rädern"
Stoker sets his sights on a blood donor bus.
3 103.png "Guess Who's Coming To Dinner" "Das Überraschungsmenü"
Sunshine invites Oskar to diner, where Polidori peppers him with tests.
4 104.png "Spring Ahead" "Sommerzeit"
Caught outside at sunrise, Oskar and Klot must find a place to hide -- fast!!
5 105.png "Feed Me" "Die Monsterpflanze"
On his birthday, a lonely Klot falls under the spell of a monster plant.
6 106.png "Cape Of Fear" "Polidori im Aufwind"
Leechy's new invention ends up in the wrong hands.
7 107.png "Shadow Play" "Schattenspiele"
Oskar races to stop his rebellious shadow from playing evil tricks.
8 108.png "Back To Front" "Verdrehte Welt"
An old ritual forces the teachers to trade places with the students for a night.
9 109.png "All The Count's Men" "Die Verschwörung"
When the students launch a school newspaper, Oskar stumbles on an intriguing cover-up.
10 110.png "Inspector Oskar" "Inspektor Oskar"
Strange happenings at the castle put Oskar in detective mode.
11 111.png "Fresh Blood" "Der Neue"
An old nemesis arrives at the school hoping to steal Oxblood's job.
12 112.png "Demon Within" "Der Besessene"
Ashley takes over Oskar's body on the night of a big dance.
13 113.png "Fluffy" "Fluffy"
The vampires fight about what to do with a lost chick, only to discover it's no ordinary bird.
14 114.png "Movie Bites" "Filmblut"
Stoker sneaks out to audition for a movie.
15 115.png "What's Up With Lenny" "Der Geheimtunnel"
A bump on the head leaves Lenny acting strangely.
16 116.png "The Guest From Hell" "Touristenhorror"
As the kids practice scaring humans away, an obnoxious tourists proves to be a big challenge.
17 117.png "Count Frakula's Return" "Graf Frakulas Rückkehr"
Oskar and friends accidentally awake a legendary vampire with a big appetite.
18 118.png "Dark Carnival" "Der falsche Vampir"
A carnival vampire leads Polidori and the students on a wild chase.
19 119.png "Totally Eclipsed" "Die Sonnenfinsternis"
The vampires race to find daytime items during a total eclipse scavenger hunt.
20 120.png "The Vampire Who Cried Werewolf" "Der Austauschschüler"
A new werewolf exchange student is nothing like the class expected.
21 121.png "Zoo Time" "Hypnosetechnik"
When the count is captured, Oskar and Klot scramble to save him from a terrible fate.
22 122.png "Baby Fang Blues" "Der Milchzahn"
Oskar makes a startling discovery in the dentist's chair.
23 123.png "Tangled Web" "Am Spinnenfaden"
A late-night flight turns chaotic when Oskar sees Sunshine and Polidori in danger.
24 124.png "The Pale Ashes of the Moon" "Kryptinas Geheimnis"
A quest for a secret beauty treatment leads Gothetta into a trap.
25 125.png "A Bad Cold" "Stürmische Zeiten"
Oskar's stuffy nose proves useful when the castle comes under attack.
26 126.png "Vampire Games" "Vampirolympiade"
Tricks and traps abound as the students compete for glory in the Vampire Games.

Season Two[edit | edit source]

# Photo Episode
1 201.png "Vampires on Ice" "Eisige Zeiten"
Polidori falls in love with a mysterious ice skater, not realizing she's the enemy.
2 202.png "Wunderkind" "Das Wunderkind!"
Stoker tries to impersonate a young doctor at the hospital.
3 203.png "Leadership" "Der kleine Diktator"
Stoker leads the vampires in a homework rebellion, but power soon goes to his head.
4 204.png "Trick or Treat" "Süßes oder Saures"
Oskar suspect Sunshine's new babysitter is up to no good.
5 205.png "Ashley in Love" "Frühlingsgefühle"
As spring arrives at the castle, Ashley tries to find a soul mate.
6 206.png "Vampirates" "Vampir-Piraten"
Stoker and Leechy lay claim to an old pirate treasure, only to learn it's cursed.
7 207.png "It Comes from Beneath" "Das Seemonster"
The kids discover a secret passage that leads to a strange creature.
8 208.png "Walpurg the Wicked" "Gemeingefährlich"
When a notorious villain returns to the village, Oskar races to protect Sunshine.
9 209.png "Lenny's Blues" "Falsche Clowns und echte Liebe"
The vampires try to cheer up Lenny with a clown.
10 210.png "All Work no Play" "Der alte Postbote"
Oskar discovers vampire postal work is more exciting than he thought.
11 211.png "Home Alone" "Vampire allein Zuhause"
Leechy's attempt at cooking has scary side effects.
12 212.png "Bite Me!" "Bitte beiß mich!"
On his "bite-day", Lenny tells the kids how he became a vampire.
13 213.png "Missy Makes a Move" "Ein ungleiches Paar"
When a lonely Missy won't let go of Lenny, Oskar tries to help.
14 214.png "Open All Night" "Durchgehend geöffnet"
The kids sneak out to test their vampire skills on a human and end up in a bind. Klot to the rescue!
15 215.png "School for Suckers" "Da pfeif ich drauf"
A rebellious young vampire lures Stoker into a life of crime.
16 216.png "The Code of the Vampires" "Ehrensache"
A visit from a pair of demanding guests tests the vampires' patience.
17 217.png "Father's Day" "Vatertag"
A fib puts Klot in a tricky position when his father comes to visit.
18 218.png "Mirror Mirror" "Gruftines Albtraum"
A spoonful of the wrong medicine turns Gothetta's exam into a nightmare.
19 219.png "Coffin" "Der Minnebeißer"
Oskar discovers he's not the first vampire to fall in love with a mortal.
20 220.png "Troll Ahead" "Der einsame Troll"
Gothetta's friendship with a lonely troll leads to trouble at school.
21 221.png "Klot Crumples and Skulldrudgery" "Blutklöße und andere Gemeinheiten"
While the teachers are away, a stranger infiltrates the castle.
22 222.png "Gone with the Wind" "Vom Wind verweht"
A strong wind carries Ashley away just before an important visit from his uncle
23 223.png "Fear and Trembling" "Furcht und Zittern"
A visiting psychologist vows to cure Oskar's fear of blood.
24 224.png "The Cat's Meow" "Katzenjammer"
Taking care of Sunshine's cats at the castle proves trickier than Oskar expected.
25 225.png "Sunshine and Moonbeam" "Mondschein"
Oskar accidentally turns Sunshine into a bloodthirsty rebel.
26 226.png "Campfire" "Lagerfeuer"
A crash course in wilderness survival forces Oskar and Stoker to work together.

Season Three[edit | edit source]

# Photo Episode
1 301.png "Vampires and Robbers" "Vampire und Räuber"
Klot accidentally lets a pair of fugitives into the castle.
2 302.png "He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother" "Besuch im Hause Polidori"
Sunshine's scheme to teach a snobby relative a lesson puts Oskar in real danger.
3 303.png "Transformer" "Hypnosestunde"
Stoker's hypnosis hits the wrong target.
4 304.png "On My Honour, Your Honour" "Der Vampir-Brownie-Dieb"
As Oskar goes on trail for brownie theft, the other vampires piece together what really happened.
5 305.png "Truth Fairy" "Die Zahnfee"
A debate about the Truth Fairy's true nature divides the school.
6 306.png "Vampires from Outer Space" "Vampire aus dem Weltall"
Leechy's new invention lands a fellow vampire in the hands of an alien hunter.
7 307.png "Dr. Leechy and Mr. Cool" "Tinto alias Mr. Cool"
Leechy plays it cool to impress a girl.
8 308.png "A Vampire's Kiss" "Vampirkuss"
An unlikely romance blossoms when Gothetta's love potion lands in the wrong hands.
9 309.png "Superstition" "Der verfluchte Fletscher"
A run-in with a fortune teller leave Stoker haunter by bad luck.
10 310.png "Hairless Mister" "Das Porträt"
The vampires try to keep Oxblood from learning what he really looks like.
11 311.png "A Work of Ashley" "Kunstwerk Ashley"
Ashley find a new calling when he accidentally rolls into town.
12 312.png "The Mummie's Curse" "Thut Zahn Amuns Erbin"
A visiting Egyptian princess drives a wedge between Gothetta and the other vampires.
13 313.png "Who's Vampello?" "Vampello ist los"
Oskar enters the crypt of a dreaded vampire and makes a surprising discovery.
14 314.png "The King of Goth'n Roll" "Der König des Grottenrocks"
A visit from a vampire pop star rekindles an old rivalry.
15 315.png "How to Scare a Vampire" "Projekt Angst"
The vampires try to find the one thing that scares the count.
16 316.png "Inside Out" "Polidori Undercover"
Polidori enters the castle in disguise, but he's not the only one with a sneaky plan.
17 317.png "The Vampire Hunter Hunter" "Der Vampirjäger-Jäger"
Oskar panics when the count calls in a famous vampire-for-hire to get rid of Polidori.
18 318.png "Hello Baby" "Babysitteralarm"
A human baby turns life at the castle upside down.
19 319.png "Klot's Millions" "Klott und der Goldschatz"
When Klot stumbles upon a fortune, the vampires compete for his attention.
20 320.png "Hero Today, Gone Tomorrow" "Helden und andere Angsthasen"
The kids win a visit from their TV hero and discover he has a big secret.
21 321.png "Topsy Turvy" "Dr. Eisenzahns Überraschungsbesuch"
A cure for Oskar's blood phobia has an unintended side effect.
22 322.png "Blood Relatives" "Campingausflug mit Folgen"
The count tries to bond with Oskar on a camping trip, but nothing goes as planned.
23 323.png "Undercover of the Night" "Polidoris Vampirverkapsler"
Oskar is roped into a vampire hunt with Polidori on the night of a blood barbecue.
24 324.png "The Arena of Terror" "Wrestling für Anfänger"
Stoker's love of wrestling get him into a tricky predicament.
25 325.png "Zombie Amuck" "Zombiealarm"
The vampires return from a scary movie to find a zombie roaming the halls.
26 326.png "Super Klot" "Superklott"
When danger strikes, Klot puts his superhero practice to good use.

Season Four[edit | edit source]

# Photo Episode
1 401.png "Zu Früh Gefreut" "Happy Too Early"
Ashley gets a special vehicle made for him and challenges Stoker to a race.
2 402.png "Gruß vom Bund der Vampirjäger" "Greetings from the Vampire Hunter Association"
Decendants of Van Helsing are sent from the Vampire Hunter Association to get rid of the vampires
3 403.png "Gefährlicher Roboter" "Dangerous Robot"
Leechy creates a Robot to help Lenny with his workload
4 404.png "Vom Fletscher der auszog, das Gruseln zu Lernen" "Stoker Sets Out To Learn What Fear Was"
Stoker isn't afraid of anything so Leechy suggests he prove it by spending the night in a creepy grotto
5 405.png "Der erfundene Erfinder" "The Invented Inventor"
Leechy makes a invention that doesn't work and Stoker mocks it
6 406.png "Gruselgesicht" "Scary Face"
The students learn how to make a "Scary Face"
7 407.png "Die Sportprüfung" "The Sports Test"
The student are required to take a physical fitness exam
8 408.png "Pyjamaparty" "Slumber Party"
Oskar gets bitten by a mosquito while The vampires are having a slumber party
9 409.png "Ein Bär ist ein Bär ist ein Bär" "A Bear is a Bear is a Bear"
Polidori attacks the castle than crash lands in the woods
10 410.png "Mobile Phone Madness" "Handywahn"
The vampires get cell phones, but they were sent from Polidori
11 411.png "Mr. Tickles in Need" "Mr. Tickles in Not"
The vampires throw a banquet to raise money for the school
12 412.png "So Long Klott" "Mach's gut Klott"
Unless Klott passses a test he'll be transferred to another school
13 413.png "Scavenger Hunt" "Schnitzeljagd"
The vampires go on a scavenger hunt
14 414.png "Stoker's Diary" "Fletschers Tagebuch"
The vampires see a tv show that shares a eerily similarity with thier lives
15 415.png "Skeletons rattling against Skeletons" "Klappergestell gegen Plappergestell"
Stoker makes friends with a Skeleton that only come to life every 113 years
16 Sfvs4e2.1.png "Voodoo Doll" "Voodoo-Puppe"
Klott finds a voodoo doll that looks like the Count
17 417.png "The Vampire Exterminator" "Der Vampirkammerjäger"
The vampires castle is full of termites so they call in a human exterminator
18 418.png "Trouble With Dwarves" "Zoff mit Zwergen"
Dwarves have invaded the castle and are taking it apart
19 419.png "The Gratitude of Trolls" "Der Dank des Trolls"
Gothetta does a favor for a troll and now he owes her one
20 420.png "Birthday Present for a Girl" "Geburtstagsgeschenk für ein Mädchen"
Oskar can't make up his mind about what kind of gift to get Sunshine for her Birthday
21 100px "Polidori geht in Pension"
22 100px "Zauberlehrling Fletscher"
23 100px "Cousine Batoria"
24 100px "Die Beißprüfung"
25 100px "Der Golem"
26 100px "1730 war alles anders"
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